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We Accept payments by cash,
 check, Paypal®, or money order 

   I am a full time Professional DJ, which makes me more reliable and more accessible than a DJ with another full-time job that they have to work around.

   I keep my music library constantly updated with quality digital music purchased from the recording industry. 

   I use professional audio equipment, and I will have a backup system at your event. In case of any failure, I will be able to get the party going again!

   I will introduce your Bridal party, and make other announcements throughout your reception. I will take requests and interact with your guests. My top priority is playing the music that keeps the most people on the dance floor.

   I offer a convenient online wedding planner. You can list all the names for introductions, specify special dances (first dance, father/daughter, etc...), and choose songs from my library that you definitely want played, as well as songs that you do NOT want played. With this wonderful organization tool, you can create a timeline, keep track of all your wedding vendors info, make payments online via PayPal, and much more!

   I have over 28 years of Disc Jockey experience, and 95% of that experience has been with weddings and receptions.

Indiana DJ Service is now Oden Entertainment


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